Monday, April 23, 2012

Family Update

Easter 2012
Now that the brothers are almost 7 months old (wow how time flies), they are starting to get on a schedule. 3 naps a day with bedtime around 7pm. BUT they sleep horribly at night; I mean the up every 2 hours kind of horrible! How did I end up with zombie babies??? 

On the personal side, I have decided not to continue with grad school...and I am at complete peace with that decision. During this season in life, I need to focus on my kids and my house, and adding the stress of school into that was slowly destroying me. Such a weight off of my shoulders for sure, but now the future of our family will look differently.

I still don't feel like I have twins. I still do not get out of the house. But, I know that having twins doesn't kill you, so it can only make me stronger :) I am having to rely on my faith and learning how much He can truly provide. Casting my doubts aside, giving my marriage and my motherhood to Him, and living every day for His Glory!